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Card Case   $8.50
71 Reviews
85% (60)
10% (7)
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35% Recommend this product (25 of 71 responses)
By linda
, New Hampshire
December 19, 2017
What you would expect
This is your typical card holder that I have only used a couple of times. When I don't want to carry a pocketbook or wallet, this is the product.
Merchant Response:Hi linda, Thank you for your feedback. We have RFID Blocking Card Holders, but we will look into making an RFID Blocking version of the slimmer Card Case. Thank you for your review & Happy Holidays! BigSkinny
ConsNot RFID
October 12, 2017
this card case does everything I thought it would. I would be more than willing to purchase a BIG SKINNING product that has a strap of some kind to hold as many as three bills and had a place to put a spare key to my automobile. Let me know when you have a product such as I described available.
ProsThe card case did what you purported it to do.
ConsAs I stated above, I want a BIG SKINNY product that has a strap to hold bills and a secure place to hold a spare key for my car. Hopefully you do not take this statement as a criticism of the BIG SKINNY product I purchased originally, but I thought it might facilitate you letting me know if you have the type of wallet I want.
By fran turano
san jose
August 1, 2017
would be better if it were RFD protected but
great little size to just plop into your pocket & not take up any room & easy to grab in your little purse
By John
Chicago, Illinois
June 26, 2017
Big Skinny Wallet Review
This is my second (2nd) Big Skinny wallet. After a number of years of use, I replaced my existing Big Skinny with another Big Skinny. The new Big Skinny is every bit as good as my earlier Big Skinny, and I like the color of the new one better.
By Matthew
Bowie, MD
June 14, 2017
Great mini-wallet (or card holder)
My wife and I have been hooked on Big Skinny wallets for over 10 years. I started out with a synthetic, then switched to a leather one which is more classic, but still very thin. My wife has one of the more standard lady's synthetic, but loved using one of these card cases as a mini-wallet when she didn't want a purse and only wanted to carry her drivers license, a credit card and a $20 bill. She lost it so I had an immediate mini-birthday gift. This company and their products are great.
By Glenn Guttterman
Sharon, MA
May 9, 2017
Card Case
this is my 3rrdd card case, very happy :)
By Melissa
May 7, 2017
Great size for travel
I haven't put this one to use just yet, but have tested the space in it for my upcoming trip (which is what it was purchased for). Super compact, lightweight... perfect for travel.
ProsLightweight Great colors
May 5, 2017
Amazing, slim and effective! A must buy for everyone
This wonderful card holder holds all my rewards type cards easily and still fits into my fabulous Panther clutch. I really like all the Big Skinny products so far and sthink I will be a fan for life.
Prosslim, accommodates many cards, wide card slot, different colors avaialble
By frau
September 9, 2016
love the color
I looooooove the color! The size is perfect too! I can put some of my paper bills in. Cant wait to show this to friends :)
By Paul
July 6, 2016
Card Case
By Harold Norris
Brooklyn, NY
July 5, 2016
Perfect Business card case
Love this product. Is the perfect size for standard business cards. I do wish it came in the other colors and I took a seam ripper to remove the hard plastic logo.
Pros1. How "skinny" it is. 2 How well made it is.
Cons1. Hard plastic logo acts like a speed bump to the feel. 2. Wish it came in more colors.
By Janie Riley
Austin, TX
May 20, 2016
I have purchased your products before, but it has been a long time, so I forgot about them. A friend mentioned Big Skinny recently, and, thank goodness, because I LOVE them. I won't forget anymore. Thanks. Janie Riley
Merchant Response:Yayy!Y Thank you Janie! Have an awesome day! Big Skinny
By Wendy
May 2, 2016
Love it!
Good quality too!
By juan m.
Brooklyn, NY
February 2, 2016
best investment ever!!
excellent quality!! I'm putting together a small list so i can buy more!!
Consno cons!
By Paulie
New York, New York
February 2, 2016
Best credit card holder
Have been using these for years because I hate carrying large wallets around. Holds all my important cards, including license, credit cards, club cards, etc. and doesn't leave a bulge in your pocket. Just a great invention.
By Princess Carroll
December 22, 2015
Card Case
Love this
ProsSmall but holds so many cards
By Ben Hogan
United States
December 18, 2015
I love it!
This is my second Big Skinny wallet. They're awesome!
By Bob F.
December 16, 2015
Best business card holder I have ever owned
I love the way if fits in my back pocket and keeps my cards looking good. I have had several people ask where I got this.
United States
November 30, 2015
I like this and it fits a lot of cards.
ConsOnly thing is now I have to remember that I put many of my extra type cards in here and then to find it. But it works well.
By Wayne
Benton, AR
November 30, 2015
Awesome card case.
Just what I needed, exceeds my expatations.
ProsThin, light and holds all my cards. Very comfortable in my back or front pocket.
Springfield, MA
June 9, 2015
Card case
Love this card case! This is my second one, unfortunately my first one was stolen. The first one I had for two years and it still looked new! I basically use it as a wallet and love that I can fit everything I need into this one small case!
By Jeromy
Phoenix, AZ
May 6, 2015
All I wanted was a simple, slim wallet. That's what I received.
By Eric
Thornhill, ON
April 30, 2015
Must BUY
This card case is AMAZING! Great for those who only carry a few cards and need something simple. I would actually pick up 2 card case if the price was a bit better.
ProsThin and light I hardly feel it in my pocket even with cards stuffed in the card case.
By Mark
April 15, 2015
Best Wallet Ever!
I bought one of these about 7 years ago and love it! Very simple, small and effective for front pocket. Mine is still in good shape, ordered this one for my son who is now 16 and needs to carry his license and debit card.
By Tammie
Hazard ky
March 30, 2015
Card case
This is my second one, the first one I bought at a bike show it has lasted for 15 hrs.
Merchant Response:Hi Tammie! Thank you for your review! What happened to the wallet after 15hrs? Yikes! lol we're hoping that's just a typo? Either way, glad you came back for more Big Skinny! Have a great day!
By jon
United States
March 17, 2015
the one i bought years ago fits more than your new brand
Merchant Response:Hi Jon, Thank you for your review! We have had the same great wallets for over 10 years now! Perhaps you may want to try one of our higher capacity models like the Super Skinny wallet that can carry up to 40 plastic cards. At your earliest convenience please contact our customer service team at 1.888.844.6925 or bigskinny@customerstatus.com and they'll be happy to facilitate an exchange for you. Have a great day! Big Skinny
Constoo tight doesnt fit what you said it would
By Sharrelle
October 29, 2014
Exactly as described, holds plenty of cards and keeps them neat for me, I am starting to use this as a wallet as it fits easily in any pocket, just love it!
By Neil
November 29, 2013
More Compartments
this require More Compartments, to separate the cards
By Max
October 5, 2013
The best wallet I ever owned!
I had seen card-sized wallets on Kickstarter made of titanium and aluminum. I liked the idea but didn't like that they were rigid and expensive so I searched around and found this card case. It is flexible, washable and holds everything I need. It is THE smallest most convenient wallet I have ever owned.
September 18, 2013
Not as good as others
First off, when I received this wallet, I knew it was the perfect size that I was looking for. I have not had this wallet for long and already some issues. FYI - My compact sports wallet last at least 2-3 years. This wallet, the outer stitching already started fraying. The logo on the front is off center and crooked. Also, the internal card slots get loose and my cards just fall out. Otherwise it is perfect in size and function. I am thinking about the leather version only because I am not a fan of the rubber logo on the outside.
By Mr E
July 2, 2013
Card Case
Exactly as described!
By linny
June 27, 2013
card case
My husband and I both are owners of the big skinny wallet which we love. Recently I purchased card cases for both of us to keep all of our extra store cards and gift cards separate. it works wonders, making everything so easy to locate and use. Thank you for another great product. I don't know how we got along before. So compact and light weight. We LOVE them.
By Darla
June 6, 2013
Card case
Love this item. Great color the purple of course. Everything fit in it. Great construction. Love it
By gordon thomas
February 21, 2013
nylon card case
I already own a skinny sports wallet and I wanted to see if I could go even smaller. I noticed on your website the card case which showed it could even take folded cash. It isn't much smaller than my compact sports wallet, but enough to barely make a dent in my front pants pocket (a safer location by the way for your wallet rather than the back pocket). You DO need to be more attentive to what you really need to carry everyday and cut out some of the excess you have burdened yourself with. This card case forces you to review your stuff that you don't really need in your wallet. This card case (I now use as a full wallet) is so small and thin even with my cards and cash, that it can be a disadvantage where I sometimes scare myself thinking that I forgot to put my wallet in my pocket since I cannot feel it. I am a real stickler for keeping this as compact as possible, so I have to admit that I also cut off the rubber "skinny" logo because it added more thickness to the wallet! (sorry guys)
By Jody Linton
January 15, 2013
Its so easy to carry it along! Love this wallet!!!!
By Jody Linton
January 15, 2013
holds alot! streamline
my friend has had this same wallet forever. She loves it still, even though its pretty worn now. She never carries it in her purse(I'm sure it would be in a lot better shape if she took better care). It is for putting in her back pocket while on the run!
By Steve
December 26, 2012
Card Case
I previously carried a leather card case which, over time, became very ragged. My new Big Skinny card case is very slim even with a large amount of cards inside. I'm sure this new case will last longer without showing the wear my old leather case did.
By Lisa
September 5, 2012
Big Skinny Card Case
I love love love this wallet. I hate carrying a purse, 'cause it always gets heavier and heavier--and sometimes you just want to go out and bring only the truly necessary. This case is thinner than any wallet I've tried, and holds my necessaries√Ę‚‚¨‚€and more if I need it to. I highly recommend it!
By Tammy
July 25, 2012
I'm not a handbag kind of girl. I got a cheap little wallet when I went to Europe and after using it for a few months, it broke.
By Joanne
July 6, 2012
Love It!
This case is perfect for when I don't want to bring my bag and just want to carry cash and my cards in my pocket to walk to the store, or when I walk around at lunch at work.
By Joshua
June 12, 2012
Thin Card Case
I love the thin card case! It is exactly as small and sturdy as I'd hoped, and I anticipate it will last a long time.
By I. K.
April 27, 2012
First impression
This is the wallet i've been looking for, i am really satisfied with my first Big Skinny wallet! :D.
By Mark
April 23, 2012
skinny review
The product works great, holds 8 cards in teh front pocket and the rubber logo keeps it from sliding out of your pocket if you are wearing shorts that are not cotton.
By Tommy
April 15, 2012
Excellent Product
I wanted a thin card case to carry just my driver's license and three credit cards. You can't get much thinner than this. However, I am surprised that Big Skinny chose to add to the overall thickness by choosing to sew on a 1/32 inch thick rubber logo. A fabric tab that the buyer could choose to easily snip off would be a better option.
By Bob
March 11, 2012
I've literally been searching years for thin front pocket wallet that was simple and worked great. I finally found it in the Big Skinny.
By R
February 24, 2012
Big Skinny wallets are thin, lightweight, and hold a ton of stuff. Believe the hype!
By Rick
January 25, 2012
Thin Card Case
As advertised. Super thin yet holds everything I need. Love it!
By Lee
December 4, 2011
Thin Card Case is Great
The Thin Card Case is terrific. I've been looking for a business card sized wallet that's small enough for my front pocket, but big enough to carry the cards I need. Just the right size and the material is very durable. Perfect.
By Amy Mccarthy
December 3, 2011
card case
I really love the card case. Thin and fits well in my front pocket which is the reason I got it.
October 17, 2011
This is the perfect wallet. It holds all you should be carrying -- DL, a CC or two and some cash. What more do you need? This is my 2nd card case wallet -- first one was lost -- and I've given this as gifts.

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