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31% Recommend this product (30 of 97 responses)
By Jethro
Los Angeles, ca
July 19, 2018
Great product
Works great nice little pocket wallet holds allot of stuff. Would recommend.
ProsSmall many ways to use.
By Happy Shopper
May 22, 2018
Great organizer
Got this for my husband to keep his cards organized. He loves it!
By Loretta
Somerville, ma
April 15, 2018
A bit too small
I wanted to love this because of its size, but I could not fit 7 CC plus license and still be able to pull out the CCs without a major battle with the wallet. I purchased the nylon trifold instead and am happy with it.
Merchant Response:Hi Loretta, Glad you went with our Tri-fold! :) Sounds like a better fit for what you want! Have a wonderful day! BigSkinny
ProsAbout as small as you can get.
ConsSeven CC make it too tight to remove the cards with any ease
By Barbara
Richmond, VA
March 21, 2018
Mini Skinny
Received my Mini Skinny and really like it. If it were a 1/8-1/4" larger it would be perfect. The zipper area is a little difficult for my fingers to get in to. The funny thing is, I got on your web site for the first time and got so excited I forgot that I needed RFID protection. Oh me! Next time.
Merchant Response:Hi Barbara, Thank you for your feedback! We will take a look at our design & keep you posted on any changes. And yes! Definitely check back for new additions to our RFID-Blocking collection :) Have a wonderful day! BigSkinny
ProsTakes up such a small amount of space. Like the place for my drivers license
Consjust a weee bit too small.
By Jeff
Portland, OR
February 22, 2018
Best wallet ever!
I love it-- this is my second big skinny-- the last one lasted around 9 years. Very durable. Amazingly thin. Well designed. High quality.
By karen
Lyndhurst, NJ
December 30, 2017
This item is perfect for me. I can carry whatever cards I need at the time and also my id.
By Daniel M.
Indianapolis, IN
December 29, 2017
Got one for my wife & one for me.
My wife & I both love our mini skinny’s. I have two other big skinny’s & my wife has one that I have her a couple of years ago. We both think these are the best wallets made!
ProsVery thin.
By Jesse B
Blackwood, NJ
December 21, 2017
Years later, it's still the only wallet I would ever use
I can't even remember when I purchased mine, I think it was around 2012. It's been perfect, and I still show it off when a friend pulls out their oversized leather monstrosity that's killing their backside. This is so unbelievably thin, and still fits 8+ plastic cards, along with 5+ business cards and a small fold of bills in the middle. The essentials, and nothing more. The folds allow cards to pull in and out very easily, although I've never had a card fall out on it's own; absolutely perfect. Silly enough, the only issue I had was the logo stitched onto the front was relatively too thick. I pulled the thread out a while ago and removed it, but I don't feel bad as I still refer friends to this site. Long story short, I'd definitely recommend, and if the thing was showing any signs of wear, I'd only purchase the same exact model to replace it.
ProsThin (duh). Adequate storage. Holds cards securely, but easy to intentionally remove. Clear window for ID. Bill and business card storage in the middle fold.
ConsApparently indestructible, so I won't be buying another wallet any time soon (sorry guys)
By Dennis
Sioux Falls, SD
December 9, 2017
Thin, light weight, and durable!!
I bought the Mini Skinny because of the small size and light weight. My old wallet was causing me hip pain. The Mini reduced that and eventually was moved to my front pocket where it fits easily. I counted today - I have 12 credit card size, 5 smaller cards, and 19 assorted bills ($1,$5,$10,$20) in my Mini. I don’t advise that much, but it does all fit in the Mini and in my pocket. I’ve been abusing my Mini for over 10 years, and it started showing a little wear a couple years ago. When I finally do replace it, it will be with another Mini. Great wallet!! Thank you Big Skinny!!
ProsThin, light, durable.
ConsIt won’t wear out!! (That was sarcasm!!) ;-)
By Wayne
July 31, 2017
Great space saver
Wife koves it. Easy to find in het purse and holds the most used cards essily
By Dick
May 5, 2017
Like it
This slim card wallet is perfect for my intended use. Excellent quality and price
Prosslim...high quality
By Seth
Los Angeles, CA
March 20, 2017
Love this wallet
I bought one of these 4+ years ago, and have been incredibly happy with it. Enough so, that when one of my CCs frayed and rubbed a hole into the side of the wallet, I found the site again and upgraded to the leather version.
Cons-The logo is a pretty thick (compared to the rest of the wallet) piece. Thankfully, it's stitched on, so I just undid the stitches, and pulled the logo off. -The version I bought had a zippered cash pocket. The zipper prevented US currency from fitting when folded in half. Instead, you needed to fold them in thirds or in half twice. I just fixed that by cutting off the zipper and undoing the stitching. (The zipper doesn't seem to be an option anymore, which is fine.)
By Thomas Ingalls
September 30, 2016
Must have been a bad day at the factory !
I purchased one of the mini-skinny card holders thinking I had found exactly what I had been looking for ( not a wallet ,ie kids pics/ cards/ gift cards etc ) user. I carry a couple forms of I.D. and a couple credit cards and that's it. Within a week after it arrived a few threads started coming out ( from just putting it in and out of my pocket). Then the inner flap pockets started to loosen up and I was concerned that my cards and drivers license would be lost somewhere. At this point I put it on my dresser planning to either throw it away or send it back ( didn't keep the original shipping stuff thinking "what could go wrong w/ something this simple". My son (in college ) saw it and decided to give it a try. Well the unraveling continued and he thought since I wasn't going to use it and he didn't trust it either it might as well go in the garbage. So I am out the use of what could have been a nice card carrier and the money. Have contacted the company three (3) times - - - NO JOY THERE. So my thought for this review is - - sure give it a try - - but expect no mercy if after three weeks you don't still have all your shipping materials. Even then the company expressed no intention of turning on the light at the end of the tunnel. Bona Fortuna. Thanks for listening. Tom ( THE BARBEQUE CHEF)
Merchant Response:Hi Thomas, Thank you so much for calling this to our attention! Our customer service team should have sent out a replacement to you straight away as Big Skinny has a 1 Year Warranty for Materials & Workmanship! We are getting a new team in the next few weeks and we are hopeful for better attention to our customers. We have arranged for a replacement Mini Skinny to arrive to you before the end of the week. Thank you for your patience & understanding. Have a wonderful week! Kindest regards, Big Skinny
Proscould've been just what I was looking for
Consthe workmanship on the one I received was a MASSIVE DISAPPOINTMENT.
By Ken
Dayton, OH
August 3, 2016
A very good product, but I need a cash compartment
I have had a Big Skinny wallet for years, can't remember how long. It is virtually indestructible, even though somehow it ended up doing a complete wash, rinse, and spin in washing machine once (and all of its contents stayed in the wallet!!). It is the black color, and what with the black interior of my new car, my black phone, and black key fob it was just going stealth and sometimes I would leave it on the passenger seat. So I thought I'd order one of a different color so I would notice it more. Then I saw this card case and it's low price and gave in to change. I thought it might even be thinner and more discreet. Well it arrived yesterday and I discovered that it is, for me, not a good replacement for a folding wallet with a compartment for bills. Let me be clear, my bad, not the card case. I will use it to stop some of the reward cards, membership cards, etc that have been lying in a tray in but I am going to order another BS wallet in a color other than black, to meet my original objective. Oh, I join the other folks who would like it if you could come up with maybe a silk screened logo or something like that rather than the rubber one. But that is a very very minor annoyance. You have great products.
Merchant Response:Hi Ken, Thank you for your review! Perhaps you'd like to try out our Compact Sports Wallet (our most minimalist wallet they still fits bills) http://www.bigskinny.net/sport-wallet-chocolate-brown.html We want every customer to be thrilled with their purchase! At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at 1.888.844.6925 or email bigskinny@customerstatus.com and they will be happy to facilitate an exchange for you. Kindest regards, Big Skinny
ProsDoes what it says and inexpensive
ConsDoes not gracefully accommodate bills.
Hutchinson, Kansas
July 19, 2016
Love it.
These are the bees knees. Get yourself one
By Arleen
Orlando FL
July 8, 2016
I dont understand what's asked. World's thinnest Wallets? Yes. Correct.
The thinnest wallet ever.
ProsThe thinnest wallet ever. I also spend less, since I don't carry all my cards!
ConsThe lower row of stitching across the top of the clear view side of the wallet wore away, due to usage. Will try to mend with Crazy Glue. Then I will have a back up wallet. PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT WISH DAILY/WEEKLY EMAIL ADS OR NOTICES.
By Monica
Kirklin, IN
May 2, 2016
Great Products!
My fiancÚ loves the money clip with open side. I just ordered one for my son also.
Prosholds a lot of cards and money
Consdrivers license window cracks/tears over time.
By Mary
Belding, Mi
February 1, 2016
It is a nice size for pockets but I wish it held a few more cards.
Merchant Response:Hi Mary, after a couple of days of use the Mini Skinny should loosen up to fit up to 4 to 5 cards in each pocket :) Thank you for your feedback! Have a great day! Big Skinny
By David
December 22, 2015
I had one of these in leather and it was great, tried to order another but all they had was the fabric version. The fabric unit Is ok but the section for carrying bills is to shallow so the bills extend a little bit beyond the wallet, this was not a problem with the leather one. If they bring back the leather I'd buy one in a heart beat, not sure I'd buy another in fabric.
ProsSuper skinny, durable, well made, inexpensive.
ConsBill section to shallow.
By Erlich
New York, NY
December 21, 2015
Smallest Wallet on Earth!
Since the dawn of time, man has strove to make things smaller. The "Mini Skinny Card Holder" achieves the previously unachievable and has the benefit for those needing to show ID badges entering/exiting secure locations. This wallet is so thin, it can fit in the breast pocket of a tailored suit undetected or even in properly tight slacks/jeans.
ProsWidth, weight, durability, window pane, tightness for cards.
ConsThe window pane could be 0.5 cm wider in width to accomodate bar-code scanning of work badges.
By Prudence
Atlanta, GA
December 21, 2015
Scale back to use
I like and recommend this card holder, however know that you will need to scale back what you want to carry. I think this will be perfect for traveling when I don't want to carry a lot of cash or extra cards (insurance cards, business cards, rewards cards, gift cards, etc). I don't think I will use this as my daily wallet - better stick to Taxicat!
ProsCompact Durable
By Felix
Reno, Nevada
September 29, 2015
Cards falling out.
This wallet is easy to grab in my pocket and thin. Cash is relatively easy to store, and I only carry 5 cards on any given day. I have been using this wallet for roughly two weeks, and I can say that I am thoroughly annoyed. BigSkinny advertises a slim wallet, and will deliver in its promises of "no slippage" only if you carry A LOT of cards, to keep it packed tight and secure. I don't recommend this wallet if you carry less than 6 cards. They fall out ridiculously easy, and two or more of my cards seem to work their way out of my wallet completely, just from me walking and moving around. I don't mind a loose wallet, but this is ridiculous. Why should I be using this, if it can't even keep my cards secure in my pocket? I'm better off just using a rubber band for my stuff, honestly. I love BigSkinny's products, (I owned a Curve wallet for 6 years before it started to break down) but this wallet isn't as minimalist as it seems. Returning mine ASAP. Would not recommend.
Merchant Response:Hi Felix, Sounds like you might want to try our new Mini Stretch band. It's specifically designed for people that carry less than 5 cards! At your earliest convenience please contact our customer service team at bigskinny@customerstatus.com or via telephone at 1.888.844.6925 & they'll be happy to facilitate an exchange for you. Thank you for your feedback! Kind regards, Big Skinny
ProsSlim, stylish, good cash holder, easy access to cards
ConsCards will fall out very easily, if your wallet doesn't carry that many cards.
By Thomas Andrews
Newport News. Virginia
September 20, 2015
just as subscribe
Just what I wanted in a front pocket wallet wow it's great should've gotten tha money clip + card holder but I'm happy just tha same probably oder other one near future thanks Big Skinny T_Andrews100/live life n love it
ProsYes I recommend strongly
By Peg
Tampa Fl
August 20, 2015
best card holder ever
To keep your ID and Insurance cards in one place is the ticket...easiest way to have simple access! I love it!
By Cheryl
United States
August 6, 2015
Takes the bulk and weight out of carrying all those "essentials"
This handy item gives me the power to carry everything I need ... even in my tiniest evening clutch bag! I put my essential credit cards and a few cash bills in the slots, and I put my drivers license into the view window. I pull out the card holder out whenever I have to show ID or pay for something (whether cash or credit. (I also bought the Mini Stretch. I put all my rewards program cards into that. Makes it so much easier to pull out just the selection I need for any transaction (pay only or present member rewards card). I've downsized all my handbag collection. No more back ache from carrying a heavy shoulder bag to accommodate a huge wallet. Thank you, Big Skinny!
ProsOrganizes categories of "essential" cards to carry. Reduces bulk and weight. Eliminates the need for a wallet.
By Jeff D.
Newark, DE
July 8, 2015
Exactly What I Needed
I bought this for my best friend who has been using the cardholder type wallets for a long time; mainly because he doesn't like any bulk in his pockets. When I gave him the Big Skinny version, he couldn't believe the difference in size and weight between this and his "department store, paid too much" leather one. He loved it, and was very happy, which in turn made me happy that I was able to both give someone a gift that they really liked as well as introduce them to Big Skinny. Thanks for yet another wonderful product, folks!
By Todd
Monrovia, CA
June 13, 2015
Almost Skinny
Love the wallet thickness and the functionality except for one detail - is it just me or is your company logo far from skinny? Been contemplating the unthinkable, cutting it off! As much as I like it!
ProsSee above
ConsSee above
By Dan
May 30, 2015
Fits my needs perfectly
I've been using this wallet/card holder for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it! My Mini Skinny currently contains 7 credit card sized cards, 5 cards credit card sized but not as thick, 3-4 dollar bills folded in half. Highly recommend this wallet! Takes up no space in the pocket and is hardly noticeable.
ProsQuality Usability Size Convenience
By Frank Mikesell
Fairbanks Alaska
May 27, 2015
like it...
I just got this today but I think it will work great for vacations and business trips...
ProsLove The Thin
By Ed from Mandeville
Mandeville, LA
May 12, 2015
Love this product
So much smaller than the case I was using previously! The bulky one I had previously looked terrible so I would occasionally just stick my drivers license and a couple of credit cards in my pocket. The problem was when I would remove my cell phone for a call, out popped my credit cards and I lost two of them very quickly. I wish I would have found this Mini-skinny years ago!
ProsGreat product
By Bob
San Diego
May 10, 2015
Poor service
I sent back the gray skinny wallet to exchange for black and they sent back the very same one. Poor service. We'll not try again - not worth the trouble...
Merchant Response:Hi Bob, Thank you for calling our attention to this matter. Completely unacceptable! We will be sending out the correct wallet to you today. We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced. Kindest regards, Big Skinny
ProsProduct was not bad
ConsService poor
By David
Tampa, Florida
April 30, 2015
Size is perfect!
Size is perfect. However, after a couple of days in my tight front pocket, the raised rubber/plastic logo had pulled on and distorted the front fabric. No worries though - I just removed it! Now the card holder is even skinnier...
By John Leonard
United States
April 28, 2015
Great for reducing weight
This was my third purchase of this type wallet, but not changed much and I hoped it be wider .
By Ron
Oklahoma City
March 18, 2015
Perfect for front pocket carry
By Angelo Milone
United States
March 18, 2015
Reliable and last a long time as durability goes, this is my second one.
By Marie B
December 27, 2014
Mini Big Skinny
I LOVE THIS WALLET. I chose the purple color and that's just the beginning of why I'm so happy with this product. The wallet is slim, but open enough to firmly hold in place my ID and the necessary cards (like for coffee or the library or the bank!) The material is good quality and the stitching is secure. There's room for paper money if I like. I found this is the only wallet I need and can keep it safely tucked into a pocket. No need to rummage through my other carryalls. Thanks!
By Ben Yau
November 22, 2014
Mini Skinny Card Holder
This is exactly what I need in a wallet. It is perfect for a couple of cards, my driver's license and one or two paper bills for emergencies.
By Capt. James T. Baldy
September 7, 2014
Awesome wallet
I currently own the one that has 2 pockets on one side and 1 ID pocket on another side. It's been faithful to me for 2 good years. Now the one with 3 pockets on one side just came out, I plan on buying it.
By Bernice Barnett
September 1, 2014
Mini Skinny Card Holder
This item is perfect. When I go out by myself and do not want to carry a purse for fear of it getting stolen, this mini card holder does the job. It holds my Drivers License, my medical card, a credit card and cash. It fits nicely in my pocket. What more can a girl ask for.
By Moderate_two
June 30, 2014
Mini Skinny Card Holder
I have retired my Big Skinny wallet in favor of this more appropriate sized item.
By Sharon Wickstrom
April 29, 2014
Mini Skinny Card Holder
I bought the Skinny Wallet, and at the same time bought the card holder, glad I did, I love it too. Just fits what I need, holds the extra cards, and a little cash, so it's just right for my purse, and I would certainly buy it again, recommend both products.
By Geoff Bartol
February 10, 2014
Mini Skinny
Love the card holder especially the vibrant colors. At my age need a bright wallet so i don't lose it.
By Kenster999
October 20, 2013
Fantasic, highly recommended!
I ran across this at a street fair in NYC a few years ago and decided to give it a try. Previously, I had a leather bifold and everyone said it was the thickest wallet they had ever seen. I had to take it out of my back pocket when sitting down because it was so thick and uncomfortable!
By Reaper
September 3, 2013
Mini Skinny Card Holder
I like to carry one or two cards at a time with a couple bills amounting to around $50, and it's been working out great for me. It can be a little tough to get the cash in and out, but I just put a $1 bill in, and put the rest of my cash between it's folded edges. So I never take the one out. That has been working great, so I give it five stars.
By Joe Giannantonio
July 30, 2013
Mini Skinny
Another great product. Quality made and very, very thin. Great colors also. I would definitely buy it again. Keep up the good work!!!
By Vikki
June 25, 2013
Love the color and size. Waiting for it to loosen up a little so my bills don't get so wrinkled in the middle. Or maybe I could take some of my cards out ... Nah, I bought it for the cards not the cash!
By Mary
January 1, 2013
Works great, small...
I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He really likes the mini but hasn't figured out the best place for the money...he thinks the middle section is a bit tight.
By Angela
December 28, 2012
Love it!
I bought three of these: one for myself, one for my partner, and the other as a Christmas gift. They are the thinnest card carriers I have ever seen and they hold all of my cards securely.
By Coloradan
November 10, 2012
Love the Mini Skinny
I really like the mini skinny card holder. I put my driver's license and the 6 cards I use most often as well as a little cash in the center. I keep the rest of my cards in another wallet. This way I can easily transfer the essentials which I keep in the mini skinny to another purse when I change purses for evening. It is so small that it takes up very little room in my smaller purses or in a pocket. I like to carry a small purse called the teenee bagalini to run errands, and this mini skinny is the perfect wallet to fit into it. I also love the teal color - wish this color was available in other products like the New Yorker.
By carrie ann
November 9, 2012
card holder
love it great quality & practical!

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